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Jennifer LOST 24 Pounds!!

I bet you are SUPER BUSY right now! 😬 Seriously. 🤗 But, check this out... there ARE people busier than you that are STILL choosing to take care of themselves. Because it doesn't take NEAR as long as you think!! 🤗 Take Jennifer for example. This lady: 💖 is an elementary SCHOOL TEACHER 👩‍👧‍👦 is "Mama" to THREE KIDDOS 🙏🏼 helps run an ORPHANAGE in Haiti 👱🏼‍♀️ is a loving WIFEY to her hubby ❤ &&& is an incredible FRIEND & NEIGHBOR. Not only does she balance all of those important relationships & manage her classroom LIKE A BOSS, she's ALSO decided to run her own Love Yourself Challenge groups and she is SLAYING IT! 🤗 You GUYS! This stuff is NO JOKE. 🙅🏼Check out what she had to say about her results: "I joined my first Love Yourself Challenge group in July. Since July I have lost 24 pounds, gained confidence, lost 21 inches, and gained friendships that will last for years to come! ... I went clothes shopping because all my clothes were too big AGAIN! I am now a size 6. This may not seem like much but I haven't been a 6 since my freshman year is high school. I was a size 12/14 when I began this program in July..." Some collateral beauty here: Her HUSBAND has been inspired by her changes and HE (also a VERY BUSY guy) has lost 28 pounds and 15 inches himself!!! 😍 My next group launches JUST in time for the New Year!! If you want to sign up and REALIZE just how much MORE TIME you can have in a day by putting yourself first.... MESSAGE ME!!! 📬 Let me help ya get back to YOUR BEST. You won't be sorry you started. But you MIGHT just wish you started sooner! 🤗😍😘

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