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Don't Forget to Celebrate the Journey

I used to be HORRIBLE at celebrating.

I would achieve a goal & almost immediately BLOW right past it to focus on the next one.

There never seemed to be enough time to ENJOY the fruits of my labor.

Nothing ever felt like "enough," and I was relentlessly pushing towards BIGGER & BETTER.

But NOW... Now, I've made an INTENTIONAL effort to celebrate all kinds of things. 😊

Because what is life if we never step back to be PURPOSEFULLY thankful for the things that DO go right?

I hope that in my sharing some of these celebrations, it will inspire more of you to CELEBRATE more often, too. 🤗

Not in ways that hinder your future success (binge-eating, drunken escapades or week long parties), but in ways that FEEL GOOD & even sometimes RESTFUL, allowing you to jump at your next goal with even more ENERGY! 💃🏻

Sometimes, for us, celebrating is a walk or a visit to a favorite park, sometimes it's a trip to Paris, & sometimes it's just a savored glass of wine. 🍷

Last night, we got to celebrate TWO THINGS!!

1. Jay, Austyn & I went out to dinner to celebrate a HEALTHY-AS-A-HORSE report from Austyns doctor. 🙏🏼

*If you haven't tried The Hollywood Tavern in Woodinville, we definitely recommend it!! Their outdoor area is adorable! 😍

2. We swung by a favorite nearby winery (Columbia Winery) afterward. And, we sipped our sweet find after Austyn was in bed to celebrate our BEST MONTH EVER for #MadeforBrave! 🎉

Sitting here on my porch, cup of chicory tea in hand, feeling DANG grateful for the victories of all sizes that we've already seen this year & the ones sure to come.

Hoping you can count up your blessings too, friend.

Be Brave. Stay grateful. ❤️

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