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Positivity is a CHOICE

You know "THAT PERSON" that loves to throw a WET TOWEL over your flame? 💦🔥😡

Every once in awhile, I'll run across someone who tells me to STOP BEING SO FREAKING POSITIVE.

EVERYTIME it churns my stomach. Hot tears burn my eyes.... A little because it stings but MOSTLY because it makes me SAD.


Because I REMEMBER a time in my life where positivity bugged the POO out of me, too!!💩 #notTHATlongago

I used to look at people's posts or listen to them talk & think,

"SURE... YOU could find a SILVER LINING out of THAT, but MY situation is SO MUCH DIFFERENT. ☝🏼I could NEVER make a silver lining out of THIS." 🙅🏼

I had to do a LOT of internal work to turn my PERSPECTIVE around, Y'ALL.


It started with a SPIRITUAL surrender to the plans that are HIGHER than mine. 🙏🏼

Which lead to a physical REVIVAL of my health that was so desperately needed for me to live a life of service. ✨

Which morphed into a VERY REAL passion to help people through their OWN journies. 💪🏼

And you know what?!?!

My story BUGS some people. Even though it's me & it's REAL & it's just my story.

It PISSES people off because.... they think they can't do it TOO.

If you find yourself NAY-SAYING when other people find success, health, happiness or joy (or all of the above), then... friend, you better CHECK YOURSELF. 😬

Chances are, deep down, you don't REALLY have a problem with where that person is coming from. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But, there might just be a problem with the place YOU are standing.

So much about life is PERSPECTIVE. 😎

& WHAT YOU PUT in is what you'll get out.

You gotta WORK to become a positive person (especially if your natural setting is negative).

This is NOT a switch you flip... it's a CONSTANT CHOICE. Choose wisely. ((🎤drop))

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