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I Want You.

I want YOU to go on a journey with me. I want you to be come with me on the WORST days... The day my husband, my daughter's daddy, took his last shaky breath, his body a shell of what it once was. When I refused to believe God existed and swore up and down that if He did then He wasn't worth it... When I'd dug myself a grave before I'd even attempted to live. I want you to be there for the HAPPIEST days... The day I married the incredible guy who had a faith that could move mountains before we even knew he needed it. When our *absolute miracle* baby was born into the world. When I found the hope I'd lost and surrendered to the will of the One who loves me... The day that I married my beautiful second chance at a life full of love, passion & serving. Because, if you walk this journey with me... Just maybe... you'll discover the beginning of your own incredible story. The one that simply needs to be written. Maybe you'll finally remember... that you are the one, ultimately, holding the pen. <3 Walk This path with me, friend. I want to share something with you...

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