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22 Weeks!

This week marks 22 WEEKS with little Baby Brave!! What’s life like around here with a 22 week BUMP?! 🤰

Basically, I’m constantly saying, "BE CAREFUL OF THE BABY!" as Austyn accidentally head-butts me for like the millionth time... 😂 Its DEFINITELY different growing a new human with another crazy one running around. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I remember being pregnant with Austyn and just having so much time to just sit and think and dream of her. 💭 And now, I’m like... WAIT!! I’m HOW MANY weeks?! 🤗 Time is flying! 🕊

AND I’m definitely NESTING!! ☝🏼 I literally just organized everything in my garage like a psycho this weekend 💃🏻 —> even recruited my dad (thanks for the help, pops)!! 🙏🏼 Jay & I have been going to the thrift store a ton too because I keep being like THAT HAS TO GO. AND, THAT has to GO! 🤣Purging and cleaning & organizing fo shooooo!! 👍🏼

Baby girls room is starting to come together a bit more (mainly in my Head than in reality). 🤔 Pink & Gold galore & I’m LOVING IT! Now, just have to make it happen. ✨💕✨

Getting in my workout EVERY DAY & modifying where I need to to accommodate baby but feeling SO STRONG & SO HEALTHY! 💪🏼 Planning on keeping this up till the day baby girl arrives! 😍

Also, NEW pregnancy craving for ICE CREAM has been satiated in a healthy way -WIN for all!! 🎉🎉

I use my chocolate vegan superfood powder 🍫 (that tastes DELISH - ASK ME about this - it will change your life!) blend a scoop of it with a frozen banana 🍌 , 4-5 ice cubes ❄️ , some almond milk 🥛 & it comes out like soft serve. 😍😍😍 I top with berries or chopped almonds or granola and eat it with a spoon... Its SO GOOD! 🍦 I have it like 4 nights a week! LOL

Alrighty that’s it for the baby update.... 👶🏼PROMISE y’all are going to get to hear her name THIS WEEK because I really am just sick of calling her “baby” — even on social media. 👍🏼🤗👌🏼

CANT WAIT to share!! 💕

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