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Hello Third Trimester!

No one is going to come & save you, choose you, validate you, or whisk you away into your perfect life. You HAVE to put in that work yourself. 💪🏼

Pray like it’s up to Him, & then GIRRRRRL, you gotta WORK like it’s up to YOU. 💕

I CANT EVEN believe the difference in how I feel THIS pregnancy vs last and I KNOW it’s because of how I’m taking care of ME!! 🌱

Baby Girl Emery is growing STRONG, kicking all the time and mom feels GREAT!! 👌🏼


We are THREE months out from meeting Baby Girl (🙏🏼) but I’m honestly SO STOKED for everything that’s going down these next three months, I wouldn’t skip it for the world! 🌎

Working on my manuscript for the book 📚, working with girls across the world to FEEL better & be healthier 👍🏼, & cherishing time with my four year old 👧🏼 while she is still an only child. 👨‍👩‍👧

Seriously STOKED today to be kicking off another soul-lifting, booty-kicking girl tribe community in January 2018!! 😍

If you’re looking to start the New Year off right, with a kick in the pants to be your best you, this is the team to join!! We’ve got recipes galore, simple meal plans, grocery shopping lists, 30 minute workouts you can do from home, daily growth assignments for the part of you that matters most (❤️) & EVERYTHING you need to be your healthiest you, INSIDE & OUT!

Message me for more information & then... BE PATIENT. We get lots of inquiries but we are searching for a SELECT number of babes who fit the bill & TRULY want to make a change this year! 🙌🏼

FREAKING STOKED to kick 2018 off right & couldn’t be more thrilled to do it with a group of supportive women by my side! 👯‍♀️

We might not all be IN the same place (this group is open to chickas across the US, Canada & the UK), but we all have the same goal. It’s not about perfection, but it IS about progress!! 😍

If you’ve been *thinking* about joining us and not quite knowing when to jump in, then this is YOUR wake up call. ✨

Can’t wait to hear from you and watch you get off the sidelines of your own life!! 💪🏼

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