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Strong at 5 Weeks Postpartum!!

THIS is a BIG DEAL to me you guys!! I REMEMBER how I felt FIVE weeks postpartum with my first child.... and STRONG was NOT it. My body felt weak, my body felt tired, and I felt SO FAR from confident. This time? I feel BRAVE. & even though I’ve still got ample extra skin around my stomach & I’m not back to pre-baby strength... I feel STRONG!!! I feel CONFIDENT!! & I’m showing up EVERY DAY... inEVERY aspect of my life as the best version of ME. And, that feels DANNG incredible!! Once I’m officially cleared by my doctor, I’ll be starting up a brand new program with our next fit tribe & I CANNOT freaking wait!! Who wants to join me?!?! #MadeforBraveFitness #5weekspostpartum

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