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Kick the excuses! Spots open NOW!

SPOTS ((NOW)) OPEN!! (first come, first served.)

Getting winded going up the stairs was NOT awesome for a single mom of an energizer bunnychild. 🐰

I used to roll ALL MY EXCUSES around in my head on repeat... "I can’t workout or eat right because.... I don't have the time.... It's too expensive... I’m too tired.... I feel like crap... This probably won’t work for me anyway... Why should I start now?" 🤷🏼‍♀️

Deep down inside, I knew I could do better. I knew I could BE better. 😬

Eventually I got sick of my own BS & decided I was going to kick my excuses to the curb. 💃🏼

I found an online fitness accountability group that offered whole nutrition, 30 min at home workouts, & a FREAKING FUN & encouraging atmosphere that would allow me to GROW into a better human being. 👈🏼 WHY??

So I can give God my best WHOLE self. 😇

So I can run CIRCLES around the island with my crazy kiddos! 😂

So I can feel proud of what I've done and strong in WHO I AM & WHAT THIS BODY CAN DO. 💪🏼

Yes, it's been hard work these last two years... But, all of the successes, they feel THAT much better because I had to work for them!! 👊🏼

My life NOW compared to two years ago... when I started this journey?? My physical results ARE THROUGH. THE. ROOF. I feel amazing. I’ve toned up. I feel strong. I’ve gained muscle. I have energy enough for two of me, even after having baby #2 (she’s ten weeks old today!!)! My auto immune disease and chronic back pain is basically GONE. I stay up three hours later BUT feel pumped about getting up at 5am everyday!! 😳🤓😏

Seriously, didn't expect SUCH a change, but SO DANG grateful for it!!!!

I started with 3 weeks.... Because: MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. And then I started paying it forward & helping people get their OWN life changing results... Because: PURPOSE, y’all!!

OPENING SPOTS TODAY (!!) for June’s Brave Babe Fit Tribe!! 👏🏼

Wanna be MORE THAN FRIENDS? Be my workout buddy! 😜

COMMENT below or MESSAGE ME with YOUR EXCUSE to get in more info! Let’s make this our best summer yet!! 🙌🏼

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