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It's Not "What;" It's "Who"

These questions can be a DISEASE.

We spend so much time worrying about WHAT we are supposed to do. WHAT kind of job should I apply for? WHAT kind of degree should I get next? WHAT kind of a career would finally give me purpose?

But instead of wondering so freaking much about the WHAT. I think we ought to be asking ourselves about the WHO.

Not, what do I want to DO... But, WHO do I want to become?

Living a purpose filled life isn’t something that smacks you on the head like a 2x4, it’s typically something you have to baby step into. Dream jobs don’t just crop up the second you walk out the door with your $80,000 degree. And careers you didn’t even know existed pull our world’s economies in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Stop looking outward for the answer. Stop focusing so much on the end goal.

It’s not about WHAT you end up doing in this life, my friend, it’s about WHO you become in the process. 💕

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