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Hearing God's Whisper

Just got in from a run, was listening to worship music & stopped to write out a response to what God was whispering to me..

It's YOUR breath in OUR lungs.

You breathe life into me. You are my provider. Help me to never forget that everything that is 'ours' is actually YOURS!

Our success, our stuff, our bodies, our finances, our resources.. ALL of it belongs to you.

Help us to take care of what you've gifted us and glorify you in all that we do and who you've created us to be.

Give me your eyes to see more like you, your compassion to the love more like you, your generosity to give more like you. And your grace to forgive more like you.

I'm grateful for just being alive. I'm continuously being aware of all the blessings you provide. The reason I'm even here is because of YOU!

Creator of the universe, You are GOOD. You are LOVE. I NEED you. WE need you! Always.

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