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Don't Give Up When You’re Tired...

Truth be told... I gave up for a while there.

On myself. On my family. On my God.

When I lost my husband & best friend Nick... I was ready to give it all up. For a while, I couldn’t imagine taking another breath. I didn’t even want to. 💕

It took me a long while but eventually I found my way back to the path I’d left behind. Once I followed it... I found Him. The CREATOR of the Universe. The one who aligned the stars in the shape of my destiny... & then it really WAS all over for me.

My life finally stopped being my own. I surrendered... as a young widowed mom to a toddler. I wasn’t sure what *my* life could offer, but I handed it over anyway - told Jesus to make something of my NOTHING.

What ensued was a hurricane force rush of LIFE & LIGHT... reconciled relationships, a new beginning, a second mind blowing chapter to my love life, a book idea & an online coaching business that basically fell into my lap!!

Has it ALL been rainbows & unicorns since that day I gave up control of my mess?! Um. Nope!! FAR FROM IT. I’ve faced all sorts of HARD THINGS since that shift. I’ve faced subsequent heartbreaking loss. BUT, the difference is that now I face it all KNOWING that the One who made me has my back in ways I could have only dreamed of.

I just completed day 64 of my 80 day workout program with my fit tribe & I’m feeling... well, COMMITTED. The middle of the journey is ALWAYS tough. I’ve had days I wanted to quit even this. But, I’m getting my second wind. I’m pushing through.

You aren’t meant to give up when you’re tired, my friend. You give up with you’re done.

And, if it’s not good yet... then HE’S. NOT. DONE. ✨

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