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Change of Seasons

Y’all... I went to TARGET (( naturally )) to check out backpacks for our little up-&-coming kindergartener. &&... ALL. THE. BACKPACKS. (that werent of the “Trolls” or ”Paw Patrol” sort) were GONE.

Oh, how the change of seasons suddenly feels so incredibly near (( my seasons change with TARGET’s displays apparently 😝 )).

Summer seems to be QUICKLY coming to a close just one month from now & our little fam is determined to soak up as much sun til then as possible.⁣ Our favorite summer activities this year (we’ve been a little low key with baby in tow) have included dinners on the deck, swimming at grandma’s pool, visiting the lake & going out to our favorite Mexican eatery by the river. ⁣😍 What are some MUST DO things you have on your summer bucket list this year??

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