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A Beautiful, Beautiful Life.

25 years ago... I started my soccer career on the exact same field at the very same age. Now, that’s an incredible ( & aging ) thought!!! We are kicking off our family’s first season of organized sports & I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgia!!

And, a whole lot of #proudmom. Our little FIRECRACKER scored 5 goals in her FIRST EVER SOCCER GAME!! ⚽️ At five years old, of course it’s not really about winning but I can’t say I’m not happy for her!!

She also worked with her girls to make a plan to get the ball to a little one on their team who hadn’t scored yet. (ANNNND, (being honest here because my kids are NOT perfect & y'all should know) at one point crossed her arms & pouted when the other team scored but, hey, there’s always things to work on, right?!) 😝

Watching these kids run into each other, trying to remember each other’s names AND which goal they were supposed to be running toward was SO MUCH FUN!! I think I laughed most of the time & I definitely smiled right to the whistle. ✨

It ALL really can be a beautiful, beautiful life. 💕

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