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Breathe. You’re doing INCREDIBLE!

Parenting was SO MUCH EASIER when I was raising my non-existent hypothetical children. 😝⁣ Whether you work from home, stay at home, travel for work or wish that you traveled for work (😂)... it’s a CRAZY life parenting littles. NO JOKE. ⁣ But, HOLY COW!!! The BENEFITS are ENDLESS. Am I right?! The WONDER alone that these babes bring into the world is my FAVORITE. Yesterday, we went out to lunch with my family at a restaurant that rested on a pier in Seattle. Boats sailed right by the windows where we sat, scarfing down potato bread & scrumptious seafood... & the WIDE EYES of my girls & their cousins just swept me up in their amazement. 😍⁣ It’s not about SAILING through this season as quickly as you can, my friends. It’s about slowing down long enough to see that the WONDER will fly past us just as quickly as the defiant toddler stage. 😭⁣ Breathe. It’s ALL going to be okay. You’re doing an INCREDIBLE job. Your kids are AMAZING, because of & despite your best efforts!! 😘 Hold on, friend, because, before you know it, you will have to LET GO!!

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