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He’s Just Been Waiting on YOU

Y’ALL!! I used to think you had to be someone special for God to use you. But, now, I know you just have to be willing to show up & do the work. ⁣ Sure, you COULD choose instead to sit on your couch & watch the rest of the world live & it might be sort of easier on you I guess (aside from that nagging voice telling you that you should do more). You COULD choose to continue to follow me on social media & say, “All that success & health stuff is great for her, but it’s not for me” & never even really try because lying to yourself is sometimes easier than facing the truth. ⁣ OR, you could decide that the discomfort you’ll feel from showing up & DOING YOUR BEST is BETTER than the discomfort you feel now from KNOWING that you never even threw your hat in the ring. ⁣ Day ONE. Or “Someday...” The choice is always yours. And, the ball is ALWAYS in your court. ⁣ Don’t wait for God to do something with your life. SHOW UP & PROVE you want to do something with it & watch Him decide to “finally move.” ⁣ All those years you thought you were waiting on Him.... oh, dear friend. All this time... He’s just been waiting on YOU. 💕⁣

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