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The Best is Yet to Come

I still remember the days when I was praying for what I have now. ⁣ This time last year, we were entering the third trimester and I cannot tell you what a RELIEF it was to get this far in our pregnancy. You see, both of my girls are rainbow babies. Rainbow babies are babies who is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of an infant. ⁣ I’ve been pregnant four times in my life. But, two of the babies I made, didn’t quite make it to this side of Heaven. I’ll never fully understand why things like this have to happen in our world, but one of the silver linings that loss produces is this: INSANE GRATEFULNESS for the things we DO have. ⁣ If you’re in the middle of a storm and you aren’t sure you’ll make it out... hold on. It won’t be long, now, darling. I promise. The best is yet to come. You just can’t see it yet.✨

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