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I’m H U M A N.

If you’ve followed me for long enough, you’ve seen that my body FLUCTUATES. Because, spoiler alert...

I’m H U M A N.

Over the course of the last 2 and a half years since I started this wellness journey I’ve completed quite a few workout programs, I got remarried to an incredible man, we got pregnant & then I had a miscarriage... Eight months after that I got pregnant again, this time carrying our little girl to full term. I’m now a mom of two, a five year old and an 8 month old. I have new stretch marks, I have extra skin on top of my hard-earned-still-slightly-separated abs & I‘m pretty sure my belly button will never go back to the way it used to be...

Right after having Emmy Rose, I dove into an 80 day tight meal plan and tough workout program. I LOVED pushing myself to the limits but once that was done & I snapped my after picture to show y’all what that program could do, I went back to eating how I LOVE to eat. Because I love food and it’s part of my life. 85% of what I eat is according to my flexible meal plan & 15% of what I eat is purely for fun - because life is too dang short!!

Then, in September, I was offered the honor of being in a pilot test group for an INCREDIBLE new 20 min a day step program. It was so legit, y’all, that I had to sign a contract saying I would follow the meal plan to a T. So I did. For six weeks. And it was hard work!! But it burnt off that last bit of fluff I had from baby & the extra yumms I had gained back after completing the hardcore program months before.

Listen, the only reason I’m telling y’all this & sharing this here collage is because NOBODY’S fitness journey (or personal growth journey for that matter) is LINEAR.

NOBODY goes straight from a before & after & doesn’t roller coaster a bit in between.

EVERYONE’S body is different. And even the same body... under different pressures, stresses or circumstances, will behave differently.

I show up here & show you guys pics of me I would have been downright embarrassed of in my past life because, you guys, I have done the MENTAL & EMOTIONAL work of learning how to love myself in every stage. Fluffy, bloated, or whatever, as long as I know I am trying my best. And always - ALWAYS - I give myself grace &, friend, I hope YOU do too.

Even once you achieve a great level of fitness... Your body will NOT stay the same forever. Even if you keep doing the exact same things. You’ll get older, things will happen, & new changes will occur.

And, that’s OKAY. That’s 100% NORMAL.

You are not meant to look like anyone else. INCLUDING your 19 year old self, or your pre-pregnancy self, or your imagined future self.


Do not let anyone else’s expectations of your journey or what it’s “supposed” to look like hold you back. These are ALL pictures from my last 2.5 years. And you know what...? The order shouldn’t even matter to you. Because it doesn’t matter to me.

What matters isn’t that my journey looks a little up and a little down & maybe even a little sideways... what matters is that I’M STILL ON IT.

What matters is... WE DONT QUIT. 💕

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