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She Did It!

Welp, she did it folks!! & Kinslee called me a couple of times the other day ugly crying about it because... we had NO IDEA when we started if we were crazy for dreaming BIG DREAMS like we did. ⁣ THIS pic is a bit old, but I felt it captured the FEEL of this moment EXACTLY. ⁣ BECAUSE, what better way to celebrate your business taking off than with an epic dance party & a random leg hold?! Haha⁣ But, SERIOUSLY... I am super excited about this one thing that my sister did yesterday that I just can’t get over. In ONE WEEK of working her online coaching business, she made $1,358!! When you start a business from scratch WHILE working a full time teaching job, you never know what it might amount to... & the fact that this SIDE GIG has grown into something that is now paying her DOUBLE what her teaching income did is SAYING SOMETHIN!! ⁣ SO FREAKING PROUD of you sister & all the lives you & your team are changing because we all know that your income as a coach is directly tied to the number of lives you impact! GAH!! It’s so incredible to see how far you’ve come!! ⁣ CONGRATULATIONS Kins on such an awesome paycheck!! It’s SO INSANE that there isn’t a limit on how far you can go. 😍 To think.... you are just warming up!! We are so proud of you!! ⁣ #MadeforBrave & because I mentioned income please note that Beachbody does not obviously guarantee any level of success or income. Each coach’s success is based on his or her own skills & efforts.

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