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Asking for YOUR HELP

PSA: I showered today!! #WINNING But, seriously... Signing with a publisher has meant all kinds of new layers of editing & rewrites but I’m SO DANG thankful for it. We are making the #MadeforBraveBook even better! So I will absolutely not be complaining, even if it means extra work. ⁣ It’s kind of like what God does with us sometimes right? I don’t know about you but... At this point in my life, I will GLADLY take the painful edits & refinements if it means I come out better for it in the end. 💕 ⁣ **If your booty isn’t on my email list yet, get signed up NOW because we are getting geared up to ask for YOUR HELP on a few things. And that list is the only place where we will be doing GIVEAWAYS! Enter your email at alyssagalios .com/book. I PROMISE not to flood your inbox... often. 😋

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