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Celebrate Today

I used to push things off... date nights, vacations, lighting my best candles, & drinking the good wine... ⁣ I always wanted to wait, until life was slower, things were better... until I had something “worth celebrating.” Until I realized that the days we spend waiting for something more eventually turn into years. ⁣ Until I realized that EVERY DAY is worthy of obsessive gratefulness. Every day we have breath is worthy of celebration. Date nights, retreats, the nice candles... I don’t save them anymore. ⁣ The last time I was married, we pushed these things off, in favor of being more productive. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we suddenly realized our mistake. We’d waited far too long. ⁣ Spending time away from the kiddos with my second chapter is a priority now. We are out for the weekend. We aren’t celebrating anything in particular, we just have a gift card to use & an incredible hotel in the city to see. ⁣ What do you want your life to be about? Are you spending enough quality time with the people you care about? Figure it out & make amends. You don’t have to go away for the weekend, but do something, a pizza night at home, a game night on the couch, wear the fancy dress to dinner... Do it all before it’s too late. You with me, friend? 💕⁣ We can still make memories together. And if you have the option... time to put it into practice. ⁣ #MadeforBraveBook #GaliosHouse

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