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SO Much More!

What started out as another platform to enhance our health and fitness, turned out to be SO much more than we initially imagined.

I had no idea that just after 11 months of us starting our small business, I would be able to leave my corporate job to partner with Alyssa and make a bigger impact on others than I would have ever been able to make at my 7-3.

We’ve been soaking up lots of sun this week and creating memories on this expense paid cruise to Haiti and the Bahamas with my beautiful wife and kiddos.

The company we partner with, Beachbody; rented out the entire ship for the week and we were fortunate to earn a spot on this dream vacation. Feeling extremely blessed to be here!

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do as coaches, send Alyssa Galios or I a message and we will teach you exactly what has worked for us & what we’ve taught the rest of our team, which is now ranked in the top .001% of the company. We mentor and teach people how to leverage their time and money wisely. And, we are finding more and more people that are realizing multiple streams of income is the smart way to provide for their family. And when you can have lots of fun in the process... it’s even better!

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