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It Blows My Mind!!

The most mind-boggling, but AMAZING things about this group of girls?? Half of them I would have NEVER met if it wasn’t for social media. (Some of them I technically “met” for the first time today.) And the other half - including my sister - there’s NO WAY I would know them as well as I know them now... ALL BECAUSE of this incredible fitnesss journey. Y’all have heard me say I would do this coaching thing for free (& I didn’t get paid a cent at first) & it’s STILL true.

The money, the trips, the retired hubby, the free workout gear ASIDE... the PEOPLE I meet along the way & the mindset shifts we’ve experienced together, the way we get to push each other & BE REAL along the way << THAT STUFF, I wouldn’t do for free.... THAT STUFF I would PAY for.

Blows my mind what has come from saying “yes” to a little online accountability group... that group has become MY TRIBE, MY PEOPLE, MY FIT FAM & we are constantly growing. If you haven’t found your people yet, girl, you can sit with us...

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