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YOU are loved. YOU are wanted.

No matter where you find yourself today... on the top of the highest mountain peak or in the lowest point of the deepest darkest valley, I hope you’ll remember a certain man on a hill.

With every last of His heartbeats, He thought of YOU. He took on the worst of the world just so he could make His way back to YOU. Whether or not you realize it... YOU are loved. YOU are wanted. He came specifically for YOU & He won’t ever stop chasing after your heart to make sure you know it.

Friends, I hope you realize today just how miraculous this is. The Creator of the Universe IS more ALIVE now than EVER before & He is pursuing you with reckless abandon! I don’t know about you, but that just makes me weak in the knees. ☺️ Happy Easter from the #GaliosHouse to YOU!! Wishing you a day full of wonder.

PS. If y’all could wish *me* luck, that’d be great. We are wearing a whole lot of white.

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