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Want to Hear Something Crazy?

Want to know a CRAZY story?

Nick and I named our incredible daughter after this woman’s incredible daughter... but we never met her Austen. And June & I JUST met last week.

I can’t even believe the way things just keep coming FULL CIRCLE.

The entire story is a bit of a long one but I literally cannot wait to share it with you in the book!!

For now, just know that there are miracles all around you, always put into motion by our Creator & often put into action by individuals around us. Sometimes, they are even brought to fulfillment by amazing organizations like The Austen Everett Foundation.

If you aren’t already following this nonprofit & keeping up with their cause, do yourself a favor & check them out. Their hard work is making an impact on so many kids’ lives.

I’m so blessed we have the opportunity to play a part in it. We can always do better TOGETHER. 💕

**If you haven’t yet, please enter your email address at alyssagalios .com/book to make sure you see the updates on the book. About to enter crunch time & LOTS of amazing opportunities, ways to get involved & exciting announcements coming your way!!

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