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Always Go All In

During college, I worked TWO jobs, took full-time credits & captained the women’s soccer team.⁣ And I get tired just talking about it. 😂 Each day’s work, after school & after soccer, consisted of a 4-6 hour dinner shift at the restaurant & then a graveyard shift at a coffee stand from 10pm to 4am, where I did homework in between serving coffee to my customers. ⁣But I was motivated. I was determined. I wanted to be my best in whatever I did. ⁣

I had a plan for after college. I would make a bunch of money early on, so I could have time LATER to spend with my family & achieve my REAL dreams, which involved helping my community more, speaking & becoming an author. After my husband died at 27, I realized just how important it is to start LIVIN YOUR LIFE NOW vs just making a living. ⁣ I never expected God to work through my heartache to plant me in this unique place to achieve those things DECADES before my 19 year old self planned.⁣ This year, we qualified in the top .001% of the network we partner with & this ranking is all based on IMPACT. I’m in the process of publishing my first book & was offered paid travel to speak for the first time this Fall. 😍⁣ My college aged self feels pretty proud right now & CRAZY grateful for all the people & the God who got me here. I’ve worked HARDER than most for most of my life & I’ve tried my best to pour my heart into whatever I did. Whether my customers were paying a couple bucks for a cup of coffee or a hundred bucks for a series of blog posts, I never stopped moving forward with tenacity & grit, with a heart full of gratitude. And... I ALWAYS go ALL IN. ⁣ I can’t guarantee going all in will mean you’ll crush it EVERY TIME you go after big goals... but, I CAN promise it will be worth your time to find out what your best is made of. #MadeforBraveCoaching

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