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A Trick to Begin the Day

I didn’t get my whole to do list done today. I barely scratched the surface when it comes to my piles of clean laundry that need to be put away & in the spirit of organizing all of the girls stuff upstairs & trying to figure out what to put where after swapping Austyn’s room for the guest room that’s now turning baby room, it looks like a BOMB went off.💥 ⁣ But, I’m unplugging for the night, ridiculously SATISFIED. Whole heartedly content & not stressed about tomorrow even though my to do list is still just as long. Wanna hear a trick of mine? I make a list at the beginning of my day (along with a few other MUSTS to start my day off with the right heart) by prioritizing my list to write down my TOP 3 THINGS for that day. And, as long as those 3 things get done, I’m free to let my head hit the pillow content!! Today, I got back to everyone interested in our 100 Workout Challenge, organized content I’m PUMPED about for our upcoming fit tribe, & hopped on a call for some of our #MadeforBraveCoaching Leaders who are kicking butt, taking names & on the road to earning themselves a paid trip to LA & DISNEY!!! 🎉 ANNND... the kids all got fed, I kissed my hubby at least a half a dozen times & we sat down to dinner together. I call that an INCREDIBLE DAY, my friends! ⁣ Remember, you won’t ever finish ALL the things. Or even a quarter of the ones on your master to do list if it looks anything like mine... but if you find a way to stay content, no matter what that list looks like - girl, you’ve already WON! 😍⁣ #MadeforBrave

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