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What's Stopping You?

NONE of us grew up thinking we’d be online influencers or fitness coaches. ⁣ In fact, when I was in high school, “online” meant AOL messenger. We barely even had social media (and I don’t think I had my first MySpace account until my sophomore year of college - is this aging me?? 😂) & yet here I am leading a team of over 750+ coaches to teaching their own goals. ⁣ I can’t believe how GLAD I am I put in all the hard work consistently early on in this business, when I wasn’t making a dime, when I wasn’t sure if it would monetarily pay off... I did it ANYWAY. Because I knew, in all the ways that MATTERED, it would pay off. I would be a better version of myself & inspire others along the way to do the same thing. I had no clue that in as little as three years, we would be able to grow our business to a six figure plus income stream. I had no clue my little sister would jump on board & eventually be able to quit her full time job. That my husband would decide to jump in with both feet & leave his corporate job... that this crazy little opportunity that came from NOTHING would turn into something that fuels my EVERYTHING. 😭😍⁣ I’m a better MOM & WIFE because of the incredible life tools coaching has brought into my life. 💕⁣ I’m a better FOLLOWER of Jesus because I’m not so focused on my daily pain & exhaustion that I don’t have time or energy for the calling He’s places on my heart. I’m a better ENTREPRENEUR because of the fearlessness I’ve grown into from learning to set aside my insecurities & lack & going for big dreams, anyway. What’s stopping you from stepping into the unknown? My guess is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of another person’s opinion of you. Whatever it is... GIRL. Are you REALLY going to let fear stop you?? You’re braver than that.⁣⁣#MadeforBraveCoaching

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