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Is this you?

Ever find yourself thinking:

"I would love to have deeper, engaging, & lasting friendships with faith-focused, encouraging women."  OR "I know I need to strengthen my faith, do more than what I've been doing to get Closer to Jesus." OR "And I actively want to pursue God & His will for my life purposefully each day."

But... You're not sure where to start?


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A global collective connecting women to invaluable resources and a life-changing community to help you deepen your faith & bring you Closer to your Creator & Closer to the person you were always made to be.

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"a faith-building, Hope-infused living Masterpiece. Through the closer curriculum, Alyssa uses her real-life experience & relatable doubts to point hearts to truth... "


What you'll get: 

-  impactful videos created for God-centered action to deep-dive into each month's theme 
-  action steps to help you dig deeper, get Closer & make real progress
-  fun live community-building movie nights & group video chats around each month's theme & takeaways
-  unparalleled opportunity to connect with like-minded, Jesus-loving or Jesus-curious women in our private membership community

Buckle up, sister! You're about to start an incredible journey! I am so excited for you to deepen your faith & grow Closer to God & the person you were always meant to be... & I am SO excited that we will get to do it all together! 



Closer with white back 1.png

let's grow

to God together.

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