About Me


Hi there!

I'm Alyssa. I'm 32 years old and mom to three adorable girls. I founded the #MadeforBrave movement in 2016 and it's already been the most incredible journey of my life. God handed me an unbelievable, weird, inspiring, awesome & intense life story that led to all things #MadeforBrave and, it's such a good one, I actually wrote a book about it! 

So, what is the #MadeforBrave movement all about? It's about knowing you were meant for something more, that you were made to push through hard things and you are fully equipped with the tools to live a life that requires you to be brave.

Not too long ago, I watched my incredible husband & best friend pass away at 27 years old when our daughter was just 9 months. Nick Magnotti (you might know him from
this viral video actually) was my first husband, bio dad to my eldest, fave person in Heaven, and my bestie since I was 19. When I lost him, my world fell apart. After a couple of years struggling to find hope as a newly widowed single mom, I finally found my way back to my Maker and decided I was sick of wasting the gift of my life. 

God met me in my darkest place and flipped the script. Everything that was meant for bad in my life became the catalyst for something good. 

Even my poor physical health. I'd been struggling with chronic back pain, a bum knee and an autoimmune disease that wouldn't quit for years. But, with the Creator of the Universe at my back, I knew I was finally strong enough to redesign my life, starting with my health. Trusting Him with every step, I stumbled upon some incredible programs and meal plans that helped me finally create a healthy lifestyle I could stick to! Through these natural lifestyle changes, I was able to essentially cure my back pain, knee problems and autoimmune disease in a matter of 3 months! I even found I had more energy in the mornings to spend time getting closer to God! Realizing many women struggled not only with their spritual but physical health and with creating a routine, I created online accountability fit tribes to help other women take back control of their lives -- no matter what they've been through! 

I've been leading these groups for over three years now & helping hundreds achieve their personal health & fitness goals. Not only that, I now mentor women on how to build their own successful online coaching businesses! Made for Brave Fitness and Coaching couldn't be more honored to get to interact with our clients and coaching team on a daily basis to help them design a life they truly love, around priorities that really matter! 

I'm wife to the amazing Jay Galios, my partner in crime & business (life too), my second husband, fave person on the face of the planet & the amazing father to my daughters. We run our Made for Brave business from home. Our two girls Austyn Elizabeth & Emery Rose are as smiley as heck, sassy & keep us on our toes! Basically, I'm one motivated momma with a past that propels me forward. A present I couldn't have ever imagined. And a future that, I am convinced, is limited only by my own beliefs. 

Not everything is rainbows and butterflies of course and if you follow my stories on
Instagram, you know that every day is full of ups and downs but all-in-all, I am unapologetically grateful about all the good things in my life. I focus on the good alone and I count and recount my blessings every day!

If I can ever help you in anyway or if you think being part of our Made For Brave Fitness family might be right for you, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message so we can chat! 

Be Brave, my friend. You were made for it. 
xo, Alyssa