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A young woman in her twenties with a future and a plan for her life comes up against a tragic nightmare when her handsome and otherwise healthy husband is suddenly diagnosed with a rare inoperable cancer. As her husband’s beliefs grow stronger, Alyssa’s dreams evaporate, and her faith slips away when the worst happens.

Journey with Alyssa through soul-searing pain and miraculous redemption in this poignant true-life account of life, loss, and a surprising new love.

Made for Brave will bring you infinite hope.

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Made for brave


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Made for Brave


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Made for Brave

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Praise for the book

Incredible! An absolute must-read and within seconds you will be hooked! This is truly one of the most inspiring stories you'll ever have the privilege of reading.------ Johnathon Stone, Author of Finding Good

I couldn’t put this book down! It was truly an honor to read Alyssa’s story of great loss and grief and how her God so lovingly walked alongside her and rescued her from the darkness. I am a better person for reading this book, and I know you will be too. Peace, joy, triumph, and hope are found on these pages, and I’m forever grateful for these words. —Alyssa Bethke, author of Love That Lasts

Made for Brave is an incredible story of beauty from ashes. It is a reminder that God never forsakes us, no matter what storms and darkness we encounter, and that in His goodness, He makes all things beautiful—whether we get to witness it in this momentary life or not. It is a story of hope that encourages every person to cling to God and turn to His light when all other lights have gone out." Kevin Kim, executive director at Crazy Love

People everywhere need to hear Alyssa’s story. If you feel alone or lost in your darkest moments, or are simply searching for an extra bit of hope, read this beautifully written story about love, loss, and new beginnings.” —Carla Marie, iHeart radio host of the Carla Marie and Anthony Morning Show, founder of the SideHustlers Podcast

Alyssa’s journey is truly one of bravery, strength, and resilience. Made For Brave will leave all women with a renewed faith in God and a reminder that there is a much bigger picture and purpose for each and every one of our lives. —Sarah Ordo, author of Innerbloom

"Alyssa’s story is truly one of bravery, strength, and resilience. Made For Brave will leave all who read it with a renewed faith in God and a reminder that there is a much bigger picture and purpose for each and every one of our lives.” ---- Peter Chee, CEO, Thinkspace

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