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What are YOU paying for today? Think of your life as an investment account. 💰 You only have *so many* "days" in your account. 🤗 AND, you don't know exactly how many you have left. But it's DEFINITELY not a bottomless pit. 🙅🏼 There is an END to this thing. PLUS, the number of days you have left can FLUCTUATE at ANY given time. ⚖️ At some points, your account might seem endless, you might have full confidence in your ability to live off of it FOREVER. At other times, you might see that your days really are numbered & realize just how important each day truly is. ✌🏼 My hope is that you think CRITICALLY about what things you are investing YOUR life in. I hope you see that every thought, every conversation, person, action, word, they ALL cost you something. ⏰ Whatever you're doing today... it better be WORTH IT. 🙏🏼

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