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24 Weeks!

24 WEEKS!! I’m posting these a day late but holy smokes, you guys, only 16 weeks to go! ⁣ Honestly, I know from experience (& from looking at my calendar) that these next few months are going to FLY!! ⁣ Which means I’m soaking this up as much as possible. Every single baby kick, every little flutter, I feel so blessed to have this little life growing inside me. And I don’t say that lightly... I know the heartache of missed kicks too. ⁣ If you saw my stories the last few days, you know that we’ve been getting ready for a lil maternity shoot. And y’all... I love my bi-weekly bump mirror selfies but the shoot tonight was so so special. My girls and I in matching dresses against a gorgeous backdrop, my husband right by my side & one of my best friends (who happens to be a killer photographer) & her camera. ⁣ You guys, I know I’ll cherish these pictures of a world I never thought I’d know for the rest of my life... and I’ll cherish these belly selfies too. And ALL the moments off camera. ⁣ Because I’ve figured it out... You guys, Magic is real. I’ve found it, in gratefulness... It’s here. ⁣It’s everywhere. If you choose to see it. Tiffany Danielle Photography #MadeforBrave #BabyGirlNumber3

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