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You Are What You Believe.

I CRINGE when I think about what I used to believe!! 😬😬😬

I USED to believe that I didn't have time for passion. I figured that when I "grew old & retired," it would be then that I would have time to read, to study, to paint, to write, to live & take care...

I USED to believe I didn't have time to take care of myself. That my twenties & thirties were meant for BUSTING bootay at my career & that I would just have to get back in shape in the future.

I USED to believe that if I had kids in my twenties, I would NEED a nanny while I slayed at a corporate job with a fancy title. That IF I was going to have kids, it would be a long ways off.

But, after my husband died, at 27 years old.... I had a good long chance to look at my life. &, I realized that we ARE SOOO NOT promised tomorrow... 🙅🏼

SO, first things first, I decided to get my health under control, so I could at least live long enough to figure out the rest.

I decided to find a way to get back in shape & found something that gave me the best results of my life EVEN WITH my crazy schedule as a working solo mom.

Nearly 1 year ago, I put together the puzzle that was my life & began REMAKING my life from the inside out!

I CANNOT believe that that one decision catapulted me into a career that allows me to follow my passions, to take time, to read, to write, to be present EVERY DAY with my child && allowed me to help OTHERS live longer & healthier lives too! 💪🏼

Honestly, Im to a point where I love SO MUCH of what I do on a daily basis that I now feel SPOILED. ROTTEN.

But, it's not like it didn't take hard work to get here. It's not like I didn't have to decide on a daily basis to show up for myself. Because I did.

And I still DO. ☺️

If you want to change YOUR life, don't wait around for the WORST to happen.

Don't look back & CRINGE at what you used to believe.

PEACE OUT on those beliefs that aren't serving you. Those negative thoughts holding you back. ✌🏼

Don't wait till "tomorrow."

Do me a favor & make a change now.

I truly think the future you will thank you!! 👏🏼🤗👌🏼

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