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Change or Remain the Same

ONE YEAR from today ONE ☝🏼 of two ✌🏼things will happen... You'll either realize how far you've COME. 😍 OR... you'll see that you've barely moved an inch. 🤦🏼‍♀️ No matter what you decide to do for these next 365 days.... the time will pass ANYWAY. Years tend to do that... they tick by even when we are quite unaware, even without permission. 😁 I could have gone one more year just "trying my best" without REALLY giving it my all. But, INSTEAD, I made a change. Instead, I chose differently. 🤗 How cool is it to know that we can RE-CHOOSE at ANY time?! How cool is it that YOUR HEALTHIEST YEAR yet could start NOW?! 💪🏼 DANGIT, I just LOVVVE waking up SO DANG PUMPED for every single day!! 💥 #madeforbrave #21daystofitwithalyssa

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