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Why Not YOU?

I was AT SUCH A LOSS for how I would make the IMPACT on the world that I wanted to make.


I was EXHAUSTED at the end of every day. Regular LIFE as a single working mom was SO TIRING. How would I change the world when I felt like I could barely hold my family together?

On top of that.... I was sick ALL the time & every time I tried to make progress on a project of my own, I would end up ill. My health was failing me. At 28 years old. If it wasn't the auto-immune disease I've struggled with since I was 19, it was a cold that Austyn brought home from school. And, if it wasn't either of those, it was often IMMENSE pain in my back from a car accident I was in years ago.

I KNEW I needed to do SOMETHING, physically, to turn my health around if I was going to do ANYTHING substantial in my life.

I had NO IDEA what an "online fitness group" was.

BUT, I decided it would be worth a try ONLY BECAUSE I was BUSY as CRAP & didn't have time for something that required hours (or even AN hour) at the gym.

A lot of people think I went into this challenge group thing with an intent to build this into a business. That was SO NOT the case. 🤗

I just KNEW that in order to change the world & do whatever it was God had planned for me... I would NEED to get my health back on track!!

I was SUPER SKEPTICAL at first. I did not understand how anyone made money in this business. I didn't understand how anything worked. I didn't think that this was a "Real Job."

I had absolutely NO FREAKING CLUE that my own health journey would go so well & that I would end up ultimately deciding that I HAD TO pay it forward. 😁

No matter what else I did, I knew I HAD to help other people realize JUST WHAT was possible for THEM to feel HEALTHY, BRIGHT & SHINY, too!!

I started sharing & running my own groups with NO CLUE that this would turn into a LEGIT business that would put all my odd jobs/random contracts to a STOP. That this business would RETIRE my HUSBAND even from his FULL TIME job in just 10 months.

I HAD NO CLUE one year ago that THIS was my path.

But, I KNEW I needed a change.

AND, I was determined to MAKE ONE, no matter what obstacles seemed to be in my way.

I’m ONE message away, folks, & I have only TWO more spots left for new coach mentorships OPEN for this month! ✌️


If you would like to be considered for a spot on our team to be personally mentored by MWAH, shoot me a message or comment below.

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