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NOTHING is out of reach for you!

I QUIT when my husband died.

I QUIT. ENTIRELY. I stopped thinking about it, or obsessing over it. I stopped flirting with it. & whenever it called, I hit "Ignore" as quickly as possible. I stepped around that ish & went about my day in SPITE of it.

I quit FEAR, you guys. And it feels GOOOD!

I was just SO SICK of it, the worry, the stress, the ANXIETY, the constant DREAD, the illnesses, the fatigue... I let it go.

I put my foot down & DECIDED. That was it. I REFUSED to allow fear to continue to control my life. I QUIT worrying about what other people thought about me. I QUIT living small just because I was afraid of failure. 🙅🏼

AND, DANGGGG, my world has gotten SO MUCH BIGGER because of this shift!! 🌎

I've consciously CHOSEN to stop myself from making FEAR based decisions & I've switched to a life where my decisions are founded in LOVE. LOVE for myself, LOVE for my family, LOVE for people & my LOVE for God.

I QUIT giving FEAR permission to come over & hang out for a glass of wine. Now, it's just like a clingy ex boyfriend so I don't lead it on. I'm done. D-O-N-E. & my life PROVES it. #mynameisno

This weekend, I walked on stage in front of over 30 THOUSAND people. THIRTY THOUSAND PEOPLE!!! 💃🏻 And I wasn't nervous AT ALL (even though I was in heels andnhad to go up stairs. How bout that?! 😂)!

I was FILLED with JOY & my smile was so big that it HURT my FACE!! 😆

Five years ago, do you think I would have expected to be here today??? HECK, ONE YEAR ago do you think I expected to be here today????

The answer is >>> HELLLLNO! <<< I NEVER would have expected this for me... NOPITY NOPE! 🚫

But, just one teeny tiny LOVE-based decision at a time has lead me to this MARVELOUS place!! 😍

Here's the thing you guys >> NOTHING is out of reach for you.... unless you decide that it is.

So, when are YOU going to QUIT? I hope you won't wait as long as I did. 😘

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