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What Are You Doing With Your Potential?

CONSIDER THIS: God's gift to you is your potential. & YOUR gift to God is what you DO with it. ✨

Did you catch that??

>>> YOUR gift to God is what you DO with the potential you've been given. <<<

So.... are YOU using what you've got??

Or, have you SETTLED? Settled into your routine? Your excuses? Your health issues? Your relationships? Your day-to-day? The "this is just how it is" mindset? 😕

I'm so THANKFUL for the community of crazy, awesome, inspiring, UPLIFTING & loving individuals that have come into my life this past year &&& the ones who have been around much longer than that. 🙏🏼

I dig this tribe HARD & I NEVER even knew that living like this would be a *thing* for me.

I thought I would ALWAYS struggle.

Before, THESE were my CONSTANT enemies: self-doubt, anxiety, chronic BACK PAIN, insane exhaustion, anemia, lack of purpose, intense NEGATIVITY, & an horrible auto immune disease! 😣

NOW, I'm LOVING (intentional) life to its FULLEST!!! And, though not everything is roses & rainbows... I'm finding that this new MINDSET that God has given me this last year has transformed so many of my storms into sunbreaks. 🌤

DANG grateful for this opportunity &, MOST importantly, the fact that I wasn't too scared to TAKE IT!

You know, this same opportunity still exists today... & it might just be the right one for you, too?! Worth checking out, dontcha think? 👍🏼🤗👏🏼

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