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Crustless Sweet Potato Quiche

I haven't shared a recipe on the blog in QUITE a while... Even though we share TONS in our challenge groups weekly!! But, you guys... THIS ONE was killer so I HAD to share it with the WORLD!!

SEVEN INGREDIENTS & tastes DELICIOUS! Plus, ALL ingredients are on our meal plan! #WINNING Ingredients

2 Sweet Potatoes, peeled & cubed

1 Clove of Garlic, chopped

1 Red Onion, chopped

2 Cups baby Spinach

1 Cup Coconut Milk (unsweetened, unflavored)

6 Eggs, beaten

Parmesan Cheese (1/4 cup, Optional)

Y'all! SO WORTH the minimal time in the kitchen!! Instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.

  2. Melt coconut or olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. Sauté onion and garlic for 1-2 minutes.

  3. Add sweet potato cubes and continue to cook over, stirring occasionally, until golden brown (approximately 10 minutes).

  4. Add spinach, stir in, and cook for about 1 minute. Spinach should become wilted.

  5. Pour veggies into a pie plate lightly greased with coconut oil.

  6. Combine coconut milk and eggs and pour over veggies. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

  7. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese (optional) and bake for 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees or until quiche is puffed and lightly browned on top.

  8. Cool for 5-10 minutes before serving. Let us know what you think! We loved this (including the picky four year old) & Jay loved added hot sauce (doesn't he ALWAYS?! HA!) And I LOVED that it was easy to put together & then I had 30+ minutes of play time with the little after I cleaned up the dishes & we waited on dinner! Thats another HUGE win in my book! Because there isn't anything better in my opinion than time with the fam!


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