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Baby Brave is 16 Weeks!

16 WEEKS!!!! 😍

>> #BabyBrave is the size of an... wait for it.... AVOCADO!!! 👉🏼🥑👌🏼

>> I'm ANXIOUS to start decorating the nursery & already have a few ideas floating around on my Pinterest Board! 📌

>> I am feeling GREAT! & Craving LEMON SLICES as of late! 🍋 I'm EATING them like oranges. #weirdpregnancycravings 😂

I've also been extremely DEDICATED to my schedule! And it's the main reason I'm feeling so GREAT!! 💃🏻

• Training for just a half hour 5 - 6 days/wk 👙 • Time for PRAYER & study w/ my Creator 🙏🏼 • SCHEDULING date nights w/ Jay every week • Crafts & snuggles w/Austyn EVERY day 🖍 • Working through my MEMOIR & loving it 📚 • AND planning FUN FALL challenges for my next 3 week online fitness accountability group 🍁🏈👌🏼🎃!

** Snapped this picture during my cool-down this morning in fact... EEEEESHH, the fall air felt goood! 😅😅

WHY am I so committed to working out & eating healthy, especially when busy as heck AND preggers? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Wouldn't someone like *ME* know that there are bigger things in life than looking good? 🤗

HELLYEAH I do. 🙋🏼That's EXACTLY why I workout. Because I know ALLL about those bigger things. 👌🏼

When I first started getting back to a specific and doable routine I started feeling like ME again, even as a widowed single mom (AKA COMPLETELY out of my element). #foundme

This program does so much more than change your physical appearance, this program helps you change your lifestyle 👠, your 💭, it helps you prioritize your life & get ish done. 💪🏼 This program helps you juggle your crazy busy life like a BOSS. 😏

Now, to daydream about more nursery themes and color schemes! 🙋🏼😂


What are YOUR favorites?!

#MadeforBrave #BabyBrave #16weeks

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