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You Just Can't Keep Waiting

I never expected Nick to die at 27. I've already lived FOUR years longer than he ever did.

>> WHAT HAVE I DONE with these 4 YEARS I've been given? >> WHAT HAVE I DONE with this gift that I got and he didn't? >> WHAT WILL I DO with my 30's? My 40's? My 50's?

One thing happened fairly quickly after Nick passed... I started REFUSING. I began REFUSING to put off till tomorrow what I WANTED to do today.

HENCE why I created these health & fitness programs I'm so DANG passionate about (to help families live LONGER, FULLER lives together), WHY I am writing my book (instead of waiting for it to be a "slower" time in my life), WHY I choose to work from home soaking up time with my family...

There just isn't time for lolly-gagging. Not in my world. Goof off for too long or not very long at all & you just might find yourself in a place where you don't have any time left. What if you were told that your time was up?! That you wouldn't have the time to do the things you always wished you could do? And, that you were out of time to become the person you always wanted to be?

Not trying to be all sappy. Its just the truth I live out.

The truth of the matter stares me right in the face every single day. His face in hers.

People always want to put their health off till after... After the deadline at work. After the baby. After school. After the HOLIDAYS. I personally think its better to start WHEN you are THE BUSIEST. Do it DURING this thing called "Life" because health should be all about LIFESTYLE, not about DIETING.

It should be all about learning to live and celebrate and "BE" healthily. No matter what time of year... You can still have FUN and not be the one in the corner awkwardly eating kale chips.

I was Austyn's only parent. I have seen and FELT what losing someone so young does to a family.

I refuse to play a part in making any of that the rest of her story.

We cant stop EVERYTHING or ANYTHING from happening... But we can stop a HECKUVA lot more than we think!

Lasting health starts at home. True HEALTH starts because of what's in your heart. 💓

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