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My Fit Pregnancy; 24 Weeks

Baby, SAY WHAAAA??!?! 😎

>>> Little Emery has been taking up residence in this belly of mine for 24 WEEKS!!!! 💕 Baby girl is the size of a CANTALOUPE, and 11.8 inches LONG! How INSANE is that?! 🤗

Momma is feeling good, been craving chunky monkey ice cream 🍌 as of late (you know, of the Ben & Jerry's varietayyy 😂) but I found a GREAT healthy version & Jay has been making it almost every night!! 🍨WOOHOOO for DELISH superfood 'NICE' cream! #bestEVER❤️

Baby is kicking NON-STAWP. Austyn felt her kick for the first time this week & LOVED it - you can just IMAGINE the excited squeals, can't you?! 🎉

Still working out with my accountability-BABES every day 💪, sticking to a beautifully flexible meal plan 🥗, & ENJOYING giving into my cravings while being FREAKING ON TOP of my health for baby, at the same time!! 🤸‍♀️Seriously. Having a *FIT PREGNANCY* vs last time is a GAME. CHANGER. 🏋️‍♀️

Only 16 Weeks left... And you BETTER BET I am counting down! 👌CANT WAIT to meet this little BRAVE bundle of JOY! 😘

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