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What if it's not so much about WHERE you are going?

It’s not so much about the DESTINATION. It’s about the PERSON you become DURING the JOURNEY. 💕

My team & I worked HARD this year to achieve some BIG GOALS in the world of fitness & life coaching. 👌🏼 You guys, FULL DISCLOSURE, we DID NOT hit ALL of them. And, I was upset about that for a while, but, here’s the thing I’ve realized... It’s NOT about the goals themselves, it’s about the PEOPLE we became while striving for them. 😍




And, I’m DANG PROUD of how far I’ve come in this process. Sometimes, it’s worth it to NOT reach your goals, because the LESSONS I learned this year are worth FAR MORE to me. 🤗

Plus, when you shoot for the moon, you land among the stars, right?! ✨

And... it’s looking like the STARS are aligning for an INCREDIBLE milestone in our business during our FIRST FULL year as Team Made for Brave! 🏆

WERE you reaching for a BIG GOAL, a BIG DREAM or a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION this year?! 🦄

&& if you DIDN’T get it, what lessons did you learn along the way?!

I would LOVE to hear from YOU!! 💁🏼‍♀️ PS. December's email update for my book is launching tomorrow. If you AREN'T on the list yet SPECIFICALLY for updates on the book about my journey from depressed widow to a single mom warrior fighting for a brave life, then ENTER YOUR EMAIL NOW!

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