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35 Weeks!

Baby is doing GREAT!! 👶🏼 Still a perfect heartbeat 💓, kicking all the time like a crazy ninja 👊🏼, & responds to Daddy & Big Sister’s sweet voices!! 🤰The doctor says she’s measuring AHEAD, is heads down... & I’ve definitely noticed that baby has dropped. 🤗 Eeeee!

Mom is ROCKIN & ROLLIN! 💕 Still slaying my workouts with my Brave babes Virtual Fit Club five to six days a week 💪🏼, eating right 🌱, & eating my cravings which are currently: lots of pineapples 🍍AND vegan tikka masala! 😍

35weeks (or more?!) & we are SO EXCITED to meet her over here...but, also COMPLETELY fine waiting. 🙏🏼

You do your thing, Emery girl. 😘 We’ll be here when you’re ready! 💁🏼‍♀️

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