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Not What You Think

It ABSOLUTELY blows my mind the way things have turned out... BLOWS. MY. FREAKING. MIND. 💥

Did you know that I wouldn’t have met Nick (my first and late husband) if he hadn’t fallen off a ladder at work??

Did you know that I wouldn’t know Jay (this handsome fella right here) if it wasn’t for knowing Nick?

And before you go assuming all kinds of crazy things about how the two of us got together... You have to know something... it’s not even CLOSE to what you would start to guess! 😲

>> The story of all that is FREAKING INSANE & too much to fit into a SM post! (It did fit in my book tho! Subscribe at the link below to get first dibs!)

But, when you finally get the whole story... your OWN MIND will be BLOWN. I can practically guarantee it. 🙋🏼‍♀️

None of it is coincidence. And NONE of the bad was because of a “greater plan.”

It’s just that my Creator took my TRAGEDY & (only once I gave Him permission) turned it into something INCREDIBLE!! And, Jay has been ONE part of that incredibleness!! 😍

SO THANKFUL today for a bestie like this. Thank you, JayBaeBae, for keeping me on track, for your continued patience to balance my hurry, for your sweet heart & constant love for our family.

You are SUCH a blessing to Austyn, soon-to-be Emery, & I. 🙏🏼

I never thought I would be able to trust in a GOOD greater power.... but, I’m THANKING GOD everyday for ALL THE WAYS He has proved me WRONG!!

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