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Look who is 5!

On this day, five years ago, the most incredible thing happened... Austyn Elizabeth was born, wide eyed & beautiful, & ready to show the world the definition of LIGHT in the darkness. ✨ I still remember the IMMENSE JOY of welcoming this little munchkin (well, after the searing pain 😂) & realizing just how little I knew of love before that moment. ❤️ I’m SO CRAZY THANKFUL for this little girl & the SHINING JOY she is!! 🙏🏼 Her heart is so full of love, she can hardly contain it. Her passion for LIFE has yet to be matched. And this girl’s laugh... I swear, it opens the gates of Heaven! 😇 Seriously blessed by this girl! It’s been SO THRILLING to watch her 5 YEAR OLD self with her five DAY old little sister! You guys, this love of theirs will be one for the books!! (hmmm... book #2?!?!)💕 HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, sweet girl!! 🎂 Austyn Elizabeth, you have no idea how much you are LOVED. 😍 #AustynElizabeth #GaliosHouse

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