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Honest Motherhood

HONEST MOTHERHOOD >> We deal with SO MUCH as new moms. Trying to figure out breastfeeding, cleaning up projectile poops &, you know, recovering from... GROWING A HUMAN. 🤰 To top it off, there’s the new shape of our bodies. The post-baby squish. The deflated tire around the middle & the other post partum struggles that only us mamas know about... Yesterday, as I got ready to take Emery to the doctor I found myself scrutinizing my body. JUDGING IT. 👎🏼 And, once I realized what I was doing, I stopped right then & there. I spent this whole pregnancy taking care of my body, working out & eating right, filling myself & my baby with proper nutrition EVERY DAY!! And, if *I* am judging ME after not even a week of having this little miracle, I have to guess that there are other moms out there doing the very same. 😥 So, this morning, I looked in the mirror again, NO MAKEUP, NO COVERING UP & I LOVED on this body of mine. I THANKED GOD for the stretch marks (you wont see pics of these, I’m LUCKY they are covered by a bikini), for the extra padding on my tush, for the swelling in my feet, & for the mom pouch. And INSTEAD of wishing my body were different or that it was five weeks from now when I plan on being able to resume my workouts, I snapped a few pictures & I LOVED MYSELF for WHO I AM NOW... RIGHT WHERE I AM. This is ME. RIGHT NOW. ✌🏼 And... Other Mom out there, who might be looking or comparing or judging or poking or prodding?? STOP. Your body, no matter how you’ve taken care of it up to now, is BEAUTIFUL. And STRONG. And incredible. And miraculous. & it’s brought LIFE & LIGHT to this world. 🤱🏼 Don’t you do ANYTHING ELSE but LOVE that body of yours. And, BECAUSE you love your body, NOT because you hate it, commit to taking care of it so that it can take care of you! Because, when we love our bodies, they love us back. 💕 #MadeforBrave #HonestMotherhood

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