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Big Sister Austyn

Big Sister Austyn has been SUCH a good sport about all things baby & I wanted to make sure we did something fun together, just the two of us! 😍

So, today, we took a walk in the rain to a healthy eat & grabbed us a delish peanut butter “cookie” & ginger zinger juice (which was delicious, by the way - mostly beets - & even my picky kiddo LOVED it)!! 👌🏼

When I asked her what her favorite thing was about being a big sister, she smiled over her cookie & said “dessert!” And then, laughing, exclaimed “Just kidding mom!! ... EVERYTING!” When I asked her what she liked least. She said “NUFFING! I just told you I like EVERYTHING ‘BOUT IT! Oh.... ‘Cept when she cries a lot!” 😂

This little girl may not be my “ONLY” little anymore, & it may never again be just the two of us tearing up the town... but she will ALWAYS be my first little love & hold an INCREDIBLY special place in my heart. 💕

Love you more than words, Austyn Elizabeth. & so OVERWHELMINGLY grateful for you!! 🙏🏼

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