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I wanted more..

FLASHBACK to that time I got to sit poolside at an incredible resort in Hawaii, pregnant as HECK, while my family played in front of me & I was an awkward hot mess ball of ugly happy tears. THIS was the moment I realized that I was MORE FULFILLED in my life & work than I EVER had been before. 🌴 If I’d had a REGULAR job, I wouldn’t have been able to take a vacation like this: expensively, spontaneously, right before maternity leave. Not in my wildest dreams!! I LOVED my work BEFORE this coaching gig, you guys! I even made enough money to make ends meet as a single mom in one of the most expensive cities in the US.... but I was missing something that made my heart sink every-time I sat down at my computer to work. >> IMPACT. << I KNEW somewhere deep down inside me that I could DO MORE & yet for so long, I STAYED frozen in place. Why? Because, deep down, I was SCARED AS ISH. Until, one day, I decided to at least TRY to lean into what my Creator had been whispering all along. “You are not meant for mediocre, child. You were made to live braver than this...” But what could I do? I wanted to HELP people. That’s all I ever wanted to do, but how could I really impact people in a way that would ACTUALLY change their lives? The answer was right in front of me. I’d recently joined an online fitness accountability group. Something I’d had no knowledge of months before. Like, I had literally never even heard of one. But, I’d been participating in & it had entirely change my life by revamping my HEALTH. It aligned so well with my purpose of helping others be their best selves so, after a bit of prayer & a lot of positive affirmations... I decided that I wanted... no, NEEEEDED, to create my own fit tribe. One that focused not just on physical health but on MIND BODY & SOUUUUL STRENGTH! 💪🏼 Did I KNOW that running online fit tribes would end up being monetarily viable & become something I could do full time? NOPE. Did I KNOW that I would eventually lead a team of nearly 300 coaches to impact even more lives for the better, together? NEGATORY. Did I ever expect this little side business of mine to allow my husband to quit his full time corporate job working for one of the largest apparel companies in the world?! Ha! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! NO!! But, what I DID know is that my PASSION for others outweighed my desire for security. I knew I NEEDED to do everything in my power to help other families hopefully side-step the DISASTER that was losing my first husband to cancer at such a young age. I ALSO knew, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that I wanted to create a better life for me & my family... AND, when it all came down to it, I KNEW it would all start with ME. I couldn’t wait for the perfect time or a loaded investor or until I could quit my day job. If I wanted it, I had to GO for it... NOW. So I started. One day at a time, helping ONE person at a time. And I learned as I went. Because sometimes, y’all, passion can propel you forward in a way knowledge never could. Listen, I know it’s more comfortable to just stay where you are, to stay in that job you kind of sort of like on Fridays without a real plan to get out, to do what you’ve always done in the industry you’ve always been in, to be the person everyone else expects you to be... you know, the you that makes everyone else completely comfortable staying right where they are too. 🤗 BUT, WHAT IF you took the leap? WHAT IF you actually TRIED? Not just for a day or a week or a month. What if you put in the work CONSISTENTLY for even six months, or a year & ACTUALLY stuck around long enough to see if it would pay off? This life is WAY TOO SHORT for mediocre ANYTHING. If you’re looking to help CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE in your own & other people’s lives, if you want IMPACT, look no further. We’ve got a platform & we aren’t afraid to use it. 👌🏼 We are only a message away & the opportunity to apply to be a part of something bigger than yourself is available to YOU. NOW. The only thing?? YOU’VE gotta be brave enough to seize it. 😘 #MadeforBrave

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