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Your SCARS could very well be someone else’s sign of HOPE.

Sharing your scars, your most vulnerable places, can be downright scary... But, >> Your SCARS could very well be someone else’s sign of HOPE. ✨ << My late husband Nick subscribed to this idea fully. Even at the age of 25... he welcomed it. when he began living it. His diagnosis of a rare cancer wreaked HAVOC on our lives. But, from the very beginning, he wanted to share our journey. Within a week of diagnosis, he said, & I quote, “If this somehow helps even one person, then it’s worth it.” Me?? I didn’t get it. Not at ALL! In fact, his statement kind of pissed me off. I shook my fist at a God I wasn’t even sure I believed in anymore. “How dare you do this to us?! To me!! Screw up someone else’s life if you need to teach the world a lesson!!” But, NOW I see it. I see the HOPE that’s come from the ashes of our life.... in the letters, the emails, the messages, & the people I run into at Target (because apparently that’s the only place I shop these days 😂 #convenience)... Maybe living through my worst nightmare never had anything to do with me... maybe it has EVERYTHING to do with everybody else. & THAT’S why I’m writing this book. I want to share my story in a more intimate & more vulnerable way than I ever have before. I want to show ALL my scars. Because if those tender places offer HOPE in the midst of just ONE hard life... all these months of hard work & sweat & tears are ENTIRELY worth it. 💕 >> If some small part of our story has impacted you, can I ask you for a favor? Will you enter your email at the LINK in the comments below?? I want to thank you. Please let me give you MORE. 🙏🏼 #MadeforBrave

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