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Turn "Annoying" into Adventure!

AHHH! My PHONE!!!!! 😱 Did you know we spent THREE HOURS at the Apple store yesterday trying to get my phone fixed (dropped my X & shattered the back 😬) & because of a little mix up (mainly MY fault), we have to go back TODAY! But instead of letting it get me stressed like I would have in the past, honestly now days like this turn into ADVENTURE. We pulled Austyn out of school yesterday, took the girls to a fun juice bar, the play gym at the mall & then let Austyn play on all the fun Apple gear. Today, we are going to go back & end with a night out at our favorite vegan Thai restaurant. FEELING FULL this FRIDAY, not because my life isn’t full of little hiccups & random unplanned events but because my MINDSET is on what MATTERS. 🙌🏼 EVERY SINGLE DAY that I get to hold this man’s hand is a BLESSING. He’s such an incredible father, always going out of his way to keep us girls comfortable, loved & cared for. I couldn’t be more LUCKY you guys... 🙏🏼 What GOOD can you find in your day today?! How can you make your "ANNOYING" into ADVENTURE?! #GaliosHouse

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